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What is CrossBox?

CrossBox is a GPS based racing tool made for professional and amateur motorsport athletes. It will transform your smartphone into a high-precision lap analyzing tool. In combination with the DUAL XGPS 160 GPS receiver, it provides unique features to take your riding skills to the next level. Accurate to 0.05 seconds, the app will not only indicate your lap times, it will also visualize where on the track you are winning or losing time. CrossBox has been tested and approved by professional racers and is currently being used by athletes all over the world. This user friendly app is the perfect tool to reduce your lap times.

CrossBox Features:

• Lap times
• Section times
• Lap X: your theoretical fastest lap, all the fastest sections summed up to one lap.
• All laps and your lap X displayed on a map.
• Duration
• Distance
• Speed on every position on the track
• Compare two laps head-to-head in a real-time animation.
• Logbook: save your bike set-up and track information for every riding day

What steps are necessary to use CrossBox?

  1. Order the XGPS160 in our webshop.
  2. Download the ‘CrossBox Lap Timing’ app from the Apple App Store, log in using your Facebook account or, if you don`t have Facebook, press ‘SIGN UP’.
  3. Open ‘PROFILE’ / ‘VIEW PACKAGES’ and buy a software package to use the app.

Which language is used in the CrossBox App?

The CrossBox App is currently available in English, German and Italian.

What smartphones can I use to operate CrossBox?

CrossBox Lap Timing is currently available for apple devices. We have to ask Android users to be patient for a little longer.

What is the difference between the 'Logged Lap Timing' mode and the 'Live Lap Timing' mode?

CrossBox can be used in two different modes. You can either analyse your laps after your ride (‘Logged Lap Timing’) or you take your smartphone with you during your run and receive live data (‘Live Lap Timing’). Both modes provide detailed statistics after your run. Live Lap Timing is recommended at sports where you can mount your smartphone in a cockpit and where you are able to read the lap times.

What are the benefits of CrossBox compared to other Lap Timing Tools?

CrossBox works in combination with the DUAL XGPS160 GPS Receiver which uses latest GPS technology. Your position on the track is recorded via GPS at any given time. The collected data opens countless opportunities to analyse your runs. CrossBox does not only deliver highly precise lap times and section times, it also provides lines of all runs performed on the track and indicates your fastest line. After calculating your lap times and section times, the GPS coordinates are compressed, reducing the size of the files to save memory on your phone and reduce loading times. Other GPS lap timing tools require up to 3 times longer to synchronize data with your smartphone. No internet connection is required to use CrossBox on the track. Additionally, a backup of your data can be stored on our server, it’s up to you when you would like to secure your data.

Which kind of data does the CrossBox Lap Timing App provide?

Crossbox delivers lap times, section times, lines performed, your fastest line, speeds, distances covered and your Lap X.  Your Lap X is the sum of your fastest sections and shows your theoretical best lap. On top of this, we are currently working on further functions that will be available with a free update.

Do I have to carry my smartphone with me during the ride?

Crossbox provides two modes for lap timing:  ‘Logged Lap Timing’ and ‘Live Lap Timing’. For Logged Lap Timing, the only thing you need on the track is your receiver mounted on your helmet. You can analyze your ride on your smartphone after your session.  When using Live Lap Timing, you carry your smartphone with you while riding and instantly receive information about your lap times and the duration of your run. We recommend packing your smartphone into a hardcase and mounting it on your handlebar with a sports strap when using this mode.

I got a pop up message "Inappropriate device ID". What does that mean?

The CrossBox Lap Timing app can only be used on the device where you registered for the first time. The device number of your smartphone will get connected to the CrossBox app. If you want to use CrossBox on a different device, contact us and we will reset your device ID number. Contact

How do I use the XGPS receiver and what do the different signal lights indicate?

There is only one button on the XGPS receiver, which is the “power button”. By pressing and holding this button, the XGPS receiver switches on or off. The recording (logging) of your run is activated or deactivated by triple clicking the power button. Green, flashing light: Searching for GPS signal. Green, constant light: GPS has been found. Orange light: Logging is activated. Blue, flashing light: Searching for bluetooth devices. Blue, constant light: Connected via bluetooth.

Where is the XGPS receiver mounted? Can I also mount in on my bike?

Please use the provided 3M DUAL LOCK adhesive strip to attach the XGPS receiver to your helmet or your neckbrace. Strong vibrations of your bike can negatively influence the XGPS receiver, this is why we only recommend mounting it on your helmet or your neckbrace.

How long does the battery of the XGPS receiver last?

The battery of the XGPS receiver lasts for up to 10 riding hours and is fully charged after 3 hours.

How do I charge my XGPS receiver?

The XGPS is charged via the USB connector on the side of the device. To charge, simply connect the XGPS to any USB port like the cigarette lighter adapter or a computer using the included USB cable.
ATTENTION!  Use the included USB cable only! Other cables will result in damaging the device. We do not recommend charging the receiver with a wall charger (like the iPhone wall charger). It may result in overheating and damaging the battery of the device.

It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the XGPS.

There are setting options for the recording rate in my app, what do I have to set here?

As the XGPS receiver can also be used for other kinds of sports, there are different options concerning the update rate. 10HZ equal 10 updates of position per second, 5HZ equal an update of 5 positions per second, 1HZ equals an update of one position per second, 20sec equal every 20 seconds one position. For faster sports such as motocross, the 10HZ setting delivers the most accurate results.

The XGPS receiver is not recording anymore. Means, if I turn on recording it turns recording off automatically. What's the reason?

If the XGPS turns recording off automatically it means that the memory of the storage is full. You can only save runs up to 2 hours on your XGPS. So after importing one run from your XGPS to the CrossBox app it still remains on the XGPS. Make sure to delete runs regularly from your XGPS receiver after they got imported into the app for analysing.

How do I delete runs from my XGPS?

  1. Turn your XGPS on and connect it with your smartphone
  2. Go to the menu “Add Run” on your Overview screen
  3. Press “Refresh”
  4. Your runs, saved on the XGPS, will get displayed in the area of LOGGED LAP TIMING. Simply swipe left with your finger on a run to delete the run.

Is the XGPS receiver waterproof?

A dust protection sticker protecting the XGPS receiver against dust and spray water is attached to the XGPS CrossBox edition. We do not recommend riding under heavy rain. Water-related damage is not covered by warranty.

How do I pair the XGPS receiver with my smartphone?

In order to import stored runs or use LIVE LAP TIMING, pair the XGPS receiver with your smartphone. Please activate bluetooth on your smartphone, switch on the XGPS receiver and select the device from your list of Bluetooth devices. As soon as the XGPS receiver is connected with your smartphone, a blue constantly flashing light appears.

I have paired my smartphone with the XGPS receiver, but my data is not displayed in the app, what can I do?

1) If the battery level of the XGPS receiver is too low, the connection via Bluetooth cannot be established. Please charge the receiver and try again.

2) In very rare cases it has been observed that the  XGPS receiver was connected with the smartphone but data could not be retrieved. The following steps will help solving  this problem: Disconnect the receiver, deactivate Bluetooth on your iPhone, restart the receiver and try to connect again. If these steps were unsuccessful, please restart your smartphone to solve the problem. (Using iPhone: Keep the home button and the ‘screen off’ button pressed until your iPhone restarts.)

The GPS signal cannnot be found by the XGPS receiver, what can I do?

Make sure that your XGPS device is in the open air and is not covered by anything.

I have lost my XGPS receiver on the track, how can I recover it?

In very rare cases it might happen that your XGPS receiver falls off your helmet for example due to a crash. If your XGPS receiver is still switches on, your chance to recover it are good. In order to find your receiver, activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and walk with the smartphone until your GPS device is found by your smartphone. Connect to the receiver, access the CrossBox app and open ‘Logged Lap Timing’. Stop the logging, restart and stop it to record a short run which you then import. Click on ‘Create New Track’ and your XGPS receiver’s location will be displayed in the map. Further applications such as ‘Blue Hound’ from the App Store can also faciliate the search.

How do I clean my XGPS receiver?

If the dust protection sticker is attached to your XGP, you can clean it with a wet cloth. Never immerse the device under water or hold it under running water.

For which kinds of sports can I also use my XGPS receiver?

The Dual XGPS 160 is compatible with many GPS driven apps in different fields such as aviation, car navigation, boating, biking or hiking. Adjust your update rate to the according kind of sport and record your route. Even in dense forests, the XGPS receiver is highly accurate and helps to save your smartphone’s battery.

Can I use CrossBox on every track?

CrossBox can be used on every outdoor track all over the world. No internet connection or mobile service necessary, just a good GPS signal with the XGPS receiver.

How do I create a new track?

Put the XGPS receiver on your helmet, activate logging and go ride. After your ride you import the run in the “logged lap timing” menu and press “create new track” directly after the loading process. Watch the “logged lap timing” tutorial for more information.

How do I record a run on my receiver?

Keep the power button pressed until all of the green lights start flashing. Wait until the light turns solid green which indicates that the receiver has found the GPS signal. To activate and deactivate logging, quickly triple press the power button. We recommend starting the logging shortly before your run and switching it off shortly after your run. In this way no unnecessary positions will be recorded.

There is the setting option 'Recording Rate' in my app. What should I enter here?

As the XGPS receiver is also used in other kinds of sports, there are different options how to set the update rate. Please always use the update rate of 10 HZ for fast kinds of sports such as motocross or enduro.

My laps look angular in the analysis, what has happened?

You have used a too low update rate. Please make sure to always use the 10HZ setting which can be setted in the ‘Logged Lap Timing’ menu. Once set, this setting will be memorized by your XGPS receiver.

How do I import a logged run into my CrossBox app?

Pair the XGPS receiver with your smartphone via Bluetooth and open your CrossBox Lap Timing app. Open the menu window ‘Logged Lap Timing’. Click ‘Refresh’ and select your run from the list. Click ‘Next’ and your run is downloaded into your app. This process can take up to one minute per 10 minutes moto time. In the next step you can choose between ‘Create New Track’ and ‘Add to Existing Track’. Your run is then automatically added to your overview. Any new run that is logged on the same track on the same day will automatically be added to this riding day.

What is 'Live Lap Timing' ?

Using the mode ‘Live Lap Timing’, you take your smartphone with you during your run and receive live data. The same detailed statistics as with Logged Lap Timing will be provided after your run. We recommend putting your smartphone into a hardcase and mounting it on your handlebar with a sports strap when using Live Lap Timing.

How do I activate 'Live Lap Timing'?

Pair the XGPS receiver with your smartphone and access the ‘Live Lap Timing’ menu. Select a track and start your run.

My laps look angular in the analysis, what has happened?

You have used a too low update rate. Please make sure to always use the 10HZ setting which can be setted in the ‘Logged Lap Timing’ menu. Once set, this setting will be memorized by your XGPS receiver.


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