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crossbox kit

  • CrossBox Lap Timing Application (Software): CrossBox-Pro membership for unlimited usage
  • XGPS 160 CrossBox Edition (Hardware): High accuracy firmware, rain/dust protection sticker, 3M Dual Lock mounting stripes
  • 7,0 x 5,5 x 2,0 cm / 75 grams
  • Latest high precision GPS technology
  • Up to 10 position samples per second
  • Built-in rechargeable battery lasts 10 hours
  • Saves your run on internal storage
  • Data transfer to iPhone/iPad via Bluetooth
  • USB charging via the included USB cable & adapter

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Read what other customers say about Crossbox

A game changer!

Being someone who goes to the practice tracks by themselves and doesn’t always have a mechanic there with them this definitely changed the game. Throughout the day my speed picked up, line choice and overall flow got better, as well as my intensity increased by the end of the day. Pumped to work with this and these guys in the future! (Verified User: Kyle G./ Facebook)

Wir sind begeistert!

Das Beste seit es Laptimer in dieser Form gibt. Wir sind begeistert auch wenn es noch kleine Verbesserungen gibt. (Verified User: Christian R./Facebook)

5 Stars

I have it since a couple of weeks and I use it every time I ride. It´s so nice to know my lap times and much more statistics right after every training session. I am always working on getting the average lap time as close to the fastest lap time as possible. And I found out that the smoother and rounder my lines are, the faster I am. (Verified User: Uwe F./Facebook)

Perfect training/racing tool

Nice training and racing “buddy”. It is very interesting to compare two laps with different lines selection. I also like the feature to compare one of my laps with a friend`s lap. The tool has many functions and seems kind of complex at the beginning, but after reading the included start-guide it`s just easy. There are some things you need to know, so I would recommend reading the start-guide … Overall it seems like a really good product!

The new update is even better

Great product. The new update is even better, now you can even see the difference in meters and seconds between two laps. (Verified User: Remo De N./Facebook)

Great product, great support.

Excellent cost-performance ratio. Had some questions at the beginning – the support is just great! (Verified User: Dirk R./Facebook)

Really helpful tool

Used it a couple of times already. Really helpful tool! (Jeremy Van H./Instagram)

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